Happy Birthday Yolanda!

This was the best experience I have ever had. I went with my best friend and from the moment we walked in, we felt so welcomed! The lounge you wait in for the therapist to pick you up is beyond relaxing. They provide water, tea, and snacks(crackers, cookies, apples, grapes). They make sure you are 100% comfortable. Crystal and chaia were our therapists and they did an amazing job, making sure our massage was what we needed and wanted. Crystal checked in with me at the beginning of our session and made sure the amount of pressure she was providing was good and what I wanted. From head to toe I left feeling amazing and so relaxed. OHM is the best spa out there. The staff is amazing and super nice. I recommend anyone to go. And I must say I loved!!!!!! Their pumpkin pretzels, they were AMAZING !!!! Thank you for the wonderful experience.Couples Love To Relax At Ohm Spa & Lounge

There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one than with a couple’s massage at Ohm Spa & Lounge.  That’s what Darnell did when he decided to treat Yolanda for her birthday.  We were so thrilled to have such a loving couple choose Ohm Spa to host such an important day!  We specialize in couple’s massages at Ohm and have been creating amazing experiences for couples for all their anniversaries, birthdays and romantic getaways.  Our expert massage therapists know exactly how to soothe achy, sore muscles and our beautiful, luxurious lounge space is the ideal environment to spend some quality time with the special person in your life.

Congratulations Wendy!

Ohm Spa Bridal Party I attended a bachelorette party here and was so so pleased by the level of service. I felt pampered and comfortable from the moment I walked in. I also loved how the locker had my name on it. They gave us a semi private space where we were able to relax and hang out. It was also nice that they encouraged us to bring our own food and alcohol and provided the glassware. As for the treatment options, the ladies were glowing. I loved my massage and plan on going back in a few weeks. Such a nice way to end a weekend!Surprise Bridal Spa Party at Ohm Spa & Lounge

We were so thrilled recently to host Wendy and her best friends for her surprise bridal party!  It was a lovely afternoon filled with massages, facials, champagne and snacks.  Special thanks to Bonnie for organizing the group and for choosing Ohm Spa!  Best of luck to Wendy for your upcoming nuptials!  We hope the have the opportunity to see you all again very soon!

Happy Birthday Vincenza!

Ohm Spa New York hosts the birthday party for Vincenza.It was a lovely day for a spa party when Vincenza and her friends came to Ohm Spa & Lounge to celebrate her birthday.  Between the massages, facials and time spent bonding in the lounge, everyone had an amazing time.  (more…)

Happy Birthday Annie!

NYC is brimming with world-famous spas, but I will never go to any of them again since having the privilege of discovering Ohm Spa. Ohm Spa is an oasis of serenity, healing, and self-pampering in the middle of Manhattan. You walk in the door and feel as though you've been transported into your own personalized (yet affordable!) healing center... From the client service (I'd be friends with these people), to the ambiance (there were 4 different infused-waters, delicious/healthy snacks, unique teas, and luxurious products I can only find online; may I please set up my office on one of their comfy couches?!), to the treatments themselves, Ohm Spa is all about you in that moment. Their massage therapists are gifted--not just in the mechanics of the work, but in providing therapeutic healing based upon deep knowledge and genuine care. I pulled a hamstring years ago in yoga; my therapist, Ruth, found and released its trigger point; I am now ready to resume yoga after a 2-year hiatus. I had my first facial in years there last week; my therapist personalized everything--without an agenda to sell me the products utilized. The products smelled so good, I wanted to eat them. And my face was positively glowing for the next several days. See Laurie! Please go and experience Ohm Spa for yourself. My mother is coming soon for a visit to NYC; I cannot wait to introduce her to this urban oasis.Congrats To Chris & Annie On The New Baby!

Celebrating a birthday is a big deal – but adding in a new baby to the family makes it extra special!  That’s why Chris and Annie came to Ohm Spa & Lounge for some much needed quality time.  Ohm Spa specializes in couple’s massages that are perfect for any special occasion.  Simply call us at 212-845-9812 and a helpful spa coordinator can help you reserve your personal couple’s retreat!  Our best wishes go out to Chris and Annie on their new family!  We know you’ll make amazing parents and we hope you have the opportunity to come back and visit Ohm Spa again soon!

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