The Ohm Spa Experience: Overview

Welcome to Ohm Spa! Thank you for taking the time to read about us as you venture on your search in choosing the right spa for you and your loved ones.

Give us the opportunity to find the right match for your needs. We aspire to provide you with exceptional customer service and individualized care for an overall positive and memorable spa experience.

What you’ll find on this page:

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Appropriate arrival time

Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment to allow optimal time to settle in and diffuse in preparation for your spa services. You will be asked to fill out an evaluation form that will allow your massage or skincare therapist to tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

What to expect upon arrival

Enter our New York spa with a willingness to relax and leave your stress behind. This time is all about you. Shed your urban garments and change into a fresh robe and pair of slippers. We invite you to unwind in our serene lounge to wash away outside baggage and to prepare for your journey.

Quality of treatment

Whether you are seeking a particularly skilled therapist for skin care or massage therapy, we are constantly re-evaluating our services and taking in feedback in a quest to improve the quality of our services. All of our therapists and technicians have been hand picked to guarantee you the best treatments possible. The ultimate goal is to pair you with someone best suited for your specific needs. If you are unsatisfied with anything, please let us know.

Where to keep your clothing / valuables

You are welcome to check-in your coat and large bags. Secure lockers are provided for your personal belongings, whether you are having a single service or multiple treatments. Please remember to take your valuables with you before you depart.

During the treatment

Allow yourself to let go and relax completely. Let the therapist guide you. There is no need to talk but clear communication about what your specific needs and goals are will ensure a more satisfactory outcome. Remove clothing to your comfort level; you can keep on whatever you like. Our therapists will do their utmost to ease your mind and ensure you are appropriately draped during your session for maximum privacy and comfort. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do!

Never had a facial?

Your makeup will be removed at the beginning of the treatment. If you would like to remove it yourself, please do so before the treatment, otherwise our skincare therapist will be happy to properly cleanse your skin. You will be asked to remove all jewelry for the treatment. Although lockers will be provided for you to store your valuables, if you feel uncomfortable doing this, we recommend that you leave them at home if possible. In order to protect your clothing, you will be offered a toweling wrap to wear in order to keep your neck sufficiently exposed for optimal treatment. If you prefer, you may leave your clothing on. However this may impede any treatments to the neck and chest areas.

The basic steps of a facial (this may vary according to treatment or skin type) include a light cleansing, complete skin analysis, exfoliation, deep cleansing and extractions, facial massage, masque, followed by moisturization and sun protection as needed.

Never had a massage?

After filling out our short medical questionnaire, you will be escorted to the treatment room by your therapist. They will then give you a few minutes to get comfortable on the table as you begin the relaxation process. You may remove all of your clothing and drape yourself underneath a sheet. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, feel free to leave on any articles of clothing, but keep in mind you will never be inappropriately exposed at any time during the treatment.

Throughout the session, we encourage you to clear your mind and relax. Don’t feel as if you must converse with your massage therapist. Try to disengage your muscles as much as possible and pretend that you are a limp rag doll lying on the table. Allow your therapist to position and adjust your limbs as necessary. Some guests even like to use their time to fall asleep on the table.

If needed, feel free to let your therapist know if they should use more or less pressure. Also, remind them of any problem areas if you feel they need extra attention. Remember, this time is for you.

Adding a service to your visit

If you would like to add on a service at the time of a pre-scheduled treatment, please let us know upon your arrival. We will check and see if there is availability in the schedule, and try our best to accommodate you.

Can I choose a male or female therapist?

We have both male and female massage therapists. Either gender may be requested and are available depending on their work schedules. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I shower while there?

While we do provide lockers and a private changing area, please note that our facility is not equipped with showers. All of our services are designed to be performed without the need for showering. In addition, hot towels are available at the end of your treatment. Additional towels may be requested. If you have concerns about your hair, please inform you respective therapists so that the integrity of your hair is maintained throughout the treatment.

The atmosphere

Ohm Spa New York is warm, inviting, simple, unpretentious, and chic. Each one of our Ohm Spa Team members are nurtured and respected for their individualities and encouraged to support each other in all aspects of Ohm Spa operations with achieving client satisfaction as their primary goal. Our efforts are to create a sacred space for you to achieve more balance and wellness in your life.

Complimentary fresh fruits, citrus-infused water and teas, and other snacks are provided for you to enjoy during your stay with us.

Rest assured that every effort has been made to create a facility that will make you as comfortable as possible and to induce the highest levels of relaxation.

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