Massage Therapy at Ohm Spa

Professional, Therapeutic Massage

Ohm Spa’s director and owner, a licensed physical therapist, ensures the entire staff delivers results-oriented treatment in every massage service we offer. We specialize in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Pre/Post-natal massage. We are also known for our couple’s massages, performed in one of our custom designed dual-massage rooms. The pricing for our couple’s massages are simply the total cost of each individual’s massage.

Massage room at Ohm Spa

pre-treatment consultation

We take a custom tailored approach to massage therapy that addresses your own condition and needs. Each treatment begins with a review of your questionnaire and a general assessment to determine areas of restriction and tightness. Please mention any special conditions so your therapist can maximize the effectiveness of the session.

For extra time devoted to particularly problematic conditions, we highly recommend a 90-minute massage session.

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signature massage treatments

*Please mention upon booking if you are allergic to any nuts, scents or other ingredients. A blend of essential oils and balms may be used to target your individual needs during your massage.  Any massage 60-minutes or longer is available as a Couple’s massage.


This European technique uses long, fluid strokes to calm the body, settle the mind and restore lost energy. It is gentle, soothing and emphasizes relaxation. Designed to melt away stress and ease muscle fatigue.
*Yoga Balm and aromatherapy may be used during treatment.

60 min    $179
90 min    $229


If you enjoy the soothing, longer strokes and rhythmical kneading of a Swedish technique but prefer firmer pressure, then this is the right massage for you! You can still unwind with a relaxing massage but benefit tremendously with a deeper focus to release muscle tension.
*Yoga Balm and aromatherapy may be used during treatment.

60 min    $179
90 min    $229


Our deep tissue specialists utilize prolonged intensive holds, including myofascial release and trigger point release to stimulate blood flow to restricted areas and relieve knotted muscles that are unable to fully release on their own. Geared towards opening the superficial and deep connective tissue that encompasses all of your muscle fibers and cells. Recipients can actively participate through deep breathing guided by your therapist as well as identifying areas of discomfort. Please note, some soreness might result after treatment.
*Yoga Balm and aromatherapy may be used during treatment.

60 min    $179
90 min    $229


With emphasis on your specific needs, utilizing a combination of 2 or more massage techniques, your therapist will create an individually tailored treatment specifically for you. Modalities may include Swedish, shiatsu, trigger point release, myofascial release and passive stretching. This is our most popular and requested massage.
*Yoga Balm and aromatherapy may be used during treatment.

60 min     $179
90 min     $229

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Incorporating the best performing, most effective massage gun on the market, your Ohm Spa massage therapist will combine percussion massage therapy with expert manual massage techniques to loosen tight muscles and work out soreness from overworked tissue. Runners, weightlifters, cross-trainers, dancers and tri-athletes alike can now the best best of both worlds – massage gun percussion to loosen the fascia, and then expert manual therapy to continue the recovery process. Experience reduced soreness, faster recovery and better physical performance with this massage as part of your overall training, nutrition and recover program.

60 min    $209
90 min    $259


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis compound that is non-psychoactive and has been used for it’s natural anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, pain-relieving and nerve-calming effects.  Clinical studies have explored CBD’s potential as a remedy for a wide range of conditions, including arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, depression, alcoholism, MS, schizophrenia, PTSD, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders.  Ohm Spa’s CBD infused massage incorporates pure CBD oil derived from hemp plants.  The infused massage cream is rubbed into the skin throughout the session to provide a unique sense of calm and relaxation.

60 min    $199
90 min    $259


A relaxing treatment tailored specifically to alleviate the physical discomfort and fatigue related to the changing bodies of pregnant women. Trained therapists adjust their techniques to help improve circulation, diminish back and hip pain, relieve headaches, reduce leg cramps and swollen ankles and promote overall relaxation. The expectant mom will be fully supported with pillows to allow for face-up and side-lying positions. By the end of the session, mom-to-be will feel soothed and rejuvenated. Only available after first trimester of pregnancy.

60 min    $199
90 min    $249


This traditional, Eastern healing method relies on pressure and stretching to relieve blocked energy. The palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, elbow, knees and feet are used to work along the body’s meridians or energy channels to help balance energy flow and strengthen the vital organs. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing during your session.

60 min    $199
90 min    $249

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Our targeted massage therapy program allows you to receive enhanced therapeutic benefits in a short amount of time and is perfect for those on a tight schedule. Please identify particular areas of concern for specialized therapy. This has been proven effective in preventing chronic issues from developing.
*Please note that this is not a full body treatment.

30 min      $105

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This eastern technique is based on stimulating specific pressure points on the hands and feet that correspond to other areas and organs of the body. Used to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium by improving circulation, detoxification, and reducing tension.

30 min    $105
60 min    $179

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The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage (DTM) is a technique that helps treat musculoskeletal disorders.  Slow and deep kneading will apply sustained pressure.  It also simultaneously attacks the inner layers of your muscle and connective tissue.  A deep massage helps to reduce tissue scars and muscle spasms.

DTM can be helpful for small or large muscle injuries or to cure chronic problems.  The deep tissue massage aims at deep muscles, tendons and protective and connective tissue called fascia.  It helps to break down the adhesions and restore the proper body functions.

Because of the firm and slow movements, a deep massage forces the body to relax and ultimately reduce stress.  It helps release the muscles, which not only improves blood circulation, but also completely relaxes the body and mind.  Even a five-minute foot treatment can act on the body’s various trigger points, relieving stress.  According to a report from the Health Sciences Center, there is a high correlation between a deep tissue massage and a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate.

The benefits of deep tissue massage are often used after injury to break up newly formed scar tissue, which can hinder recovery and produce stiffness.  It has been shown that relieving inflammation and muscle spasms by stimulating blood circulation, relaxing muscles for more oxygen, and reducing the automatic response to nervous system stress.  After an injury, and especially at a very stressful time, inflammation can prevent adequate blood flow from reaching damaged tissue, cutting off vital nutrients and oxygen.

DTM is a special method or procedure in the massage that focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.  Deep tissue may also refer to the gentle and sustained pressure that acts on the myofascial layer (band or layer of connective tissue, mainly collagen, under the skin that clings, stabilizes, locks in and separates the muscles and other internal organs).  The science behind deep tissue massage, sometimes referred to as percussion therapy, is simple and based on the gate control theory.

Because in the end, you might already decide that you deserve a deep tissue massage for the foot to relax.  Deep tissue is a specialized technique that focuses primarily on the thicker layer of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the connecting layer between joints, bones and muscles).  Unlike other massages that use less pressure, deep tissue massage uses deep finger pressure with both fixed and slow movements.

DTM is a manipulation of deep tissue layers in the human body.  The difference to other techniques such as Swedish and acupressure is that the pressure exerted in the Deep Tissue is much deeper, yet slow and firm.

The Swedish massage is a gentler form, where the tension is much less than with the deep tissue massage.  Both types include the use of the palms and fingers to knead and manipulate the tissue, but the elbows and forearms can also be used to exert increased pressure during a deep tissue massage.  The Swedish massage is a gentler form of massage, where the tension is much less than with the deep tissue massage.

Sometimes, with this technique, the therapist must apply a firmer pressure to reach and resolve these key areas.  That is why this special technique is often recommended for people who feel comfortable with a slightly more intense touch.  However, deep tissue massage may also refer to a gentle but sustained pressure acting on the myofascial layer.

A study from the University of Maryland found that deep tissue massage to treat chronic pain is even more effective than some other medical treatments.   Licensed therapists can also work to relieve tense tissue buildup caused by exercise, further relieving strained muscles.  In addition to the physical benefits, DTM can also have psychic benefits.

Deep tissue can be improved through the use of essential oils.  They need a basic understanding of the body’s massage techniques, soft tissues and connective tissue.  Work at the point that causes the pain, not at the point where the pain manifests.

Deep Tissue help to regulate the pores in the fiber tissue, which increases the permeability.  Stretching the tissue during a session helps the muscle fibers build up tension and pressure.  The massage helps to stretch the muscles longitudinally and transversely along the natural circulation and muscle tissue.

Exercising and exercising regularly can overstrain muscles and other soft tissues.  A sports massage therapist aims to prevent or alleviate injuries, improve muscle performance, and correct muscle imbalances.  There is evidence that a sports massage can aid recovery from repetitive muscle injuries.  There is also evidence that sports massages can improve muscle performance, but they are less conclusive.

After a deep tissue, stretching is my most important activity. Stretching can help minimize inflammation in areas that have been worked aggressively, without resorting to ice, which could stimulate contraction, or Advil, which can be quite hard on your stomach.

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