“My face is definitely left glowing for days…” – Cindy U.

5-Star Review For Ohm Spa



Cindy U. wrote on 3/5/19:

“Ohm is by far, the best spa I have been to, maybe also because I got a massive spa package. The staff is warm and very attentive to make your experience the best possible. I think they will always leave me with a lingering memory upon my first visit as a young adult, still a teenager. The owner shook hands with TWO HANDS, great gratitude there.

Nonetheless, the massage is definitely spot on when you let your massage therapist know the problem areas and how you really like it. It is important to remember to guide them before giving them a hard time about not getting it right. Following the massage was the Manuka Honey facial which really left my face glowing. I am definitely glad I am not allergic to honey because this was definitely something that I recommend for all! My face is definitely left glowing for days which is tough because typically, it wears off for me the next day. Definitely cannot wait for the next spa day at Ohm!”

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